真诚相处, 共建美好和谐家园 !

互帮互爱, 营造温馨华人社区

In good faith, we build a harmonious and beautiful community!

Help each other, to create a warm Chinese community!


谈古论今, 弘扬优秀中华文化

求同存异, 融入博大美国社会

Sharing Chinese history, promoting excellent Chinese culture

Seek common ground while reserving differences, merge into our broad American society


We are Mercer Island Chinese Association (MICA)! We are volunteers  from the residences of Mercer Island Chinese Families.  We strive to become a better community with passionate local volunteers and contribution.

We love our community, because this is where we call home!  Our Island is a wonderful location with a great environment where we can enjoy our day to day life.   And having a Chinese community bonds us more closely together.